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Hello, I am the author of many articles and guides about the game League of Legends. Already for 2 years, signing Polish players. You are reading this because I wanted to share with you my extensive experience in this area - I have created a unique program that automatically creates a script to earn Dragon Coins and money.

A few words of introduction

Over the three years helping the Polish League of Legends players. The high reputation and the title of "the boss League of Legends" deserved above all the quality of guidance provided by me and written articles on my website that has helped hundreds of people. Publish courses on a regular basis to the Metin2 in the form of guidance.



Face to face with reality

Before reading further, please call him answer the following questions:
Do you often do not have the Dragon coins on hairstyles, and premium items?
Do you look with envy at the players that have items with IS.
Are you tired ineffective and outdated methods of earning a Dragon Coins?


Uwaga ! Autor programu nie bierze odpowiedzialności za uzależnienie się od bardzo szybkiego zdobywania Smoczych monet z tym programem.




Nice meeting with my reality


I am here to share with you a great experience in acquiring DC - my success (first created a program to make Dragon Coins).

You need to know that it was not always so beautifully. It is true that problems with DC I never had, but we have never had them as much as now. I've always had somewhere between 1000 and 1200 and I had no money for more :( Until one day ...

... I saw the legendary Items in Metin2. I told myself then that I had to get it - I have not threw himself challenges. But I knew I did not have enough money to buy it, and I'm damn lazy and spend more time than an hour a day to earn DC is simply not for me. I have yet beautiful girl friends family - for them and above all I want to give out my time. I had to think of something ...


September 2014 brought big changes. I realized that if I wanted to get the Dragon coins, I fully automate my actions. I made myself a list of what kind of tools I need. I started searching. Tested and checked. I read, read and read. Even some addonsy modified the order to adapt it to your needs or improve. So I passed the whole month ... but it was worth it!

I took to work with even greater fervor. Joined the existing wealth of knowledge on how to make the proper tools. I've added to my regularity and programming approach. I developed a system that I had for personal use. The mass of making Metin2 Dragon Coin that brings amazing results ridiculous investment of time - exactly how I wanted!

Meanwhile, browsed and read forums and blogs ... people there struggled with the problems that I have long since solved. I read on ... The next entries, posts. I knew then that I create something new, unique on a global scale ...

But before that I wanted to go back to foreign competition. I bought, I read, I laughed. Do not missed the most expensive and advertised as the best foreign guides on how to make. I found just the same there are information that is generally available on the internet. I realized then how very valuable and reliable information, which I have. I realized that for capturing DC I'm a champion.

I'm a few years ahead

So I developed my knowledge in the form of an affordable, practical and bringing incredible results of the program. It can be used by both beginners and those very experienced, no one will have trouble understanding, information is lined in black and white, kindly and very intuitive.

For so many years of playing, I realized that the most important in terms of earning are systematic, regularity and certainty. Do not lean on the use of their methods of one-way, temporary errors in the game or other type of "buy low, sell high". For that you need a lot of experience. Nor will I try to teach you this.

Stages of gaining Dragon Coins - What makes so that this program is so unique and valuable? Well, the "backbone" is the simplicity and speed of the intended purpose. You'll see how easy it is to squeeze the absolute maximum out of them, using my secret methods and configured the program.

Try it once, you'll see how easy it is, and you can not stop now make DC - I ran into a small habit, which I can not get rid of (I write seriously). Peering daily to your mailbox and out of the DC consecutive points, laughs, how easily it all done - and what they have big problems with the other players.

I developed a system to make Dragon Coins in Metin2 boils down to a simple cycle that repeat every day. This cycle is characterized by simplicity, efficiency and speed. Performing it in full each day will take you 10-30 minutes in total!

Do not stay behind

Take another look at the screenshots of my character, visible at the top. Ask yourself whether you want to have as many DC and you will never regret peel yourself to the best available in the Itemshop. Your character can go on the same level as the best. The decision is yours!

You've come to the right place at the most!

Do not get tricked into any type of bot programs. Keep your account. And if you have already purchased a bot and use it on your account, this program is not for you, and I ask you, you did not receive it. Read on, you will learn why.

Guarantee success in making DC each person who downloads the program, along with the script. And how it is possible to ensure the success of the person whose account is in the near future permanently banned from the use of bots? This is not possible, unfortunately.

Dear Mrs., dear Lord, for the future read what he writes little scribbles on the end of the auction with bots. Even the creators of these programs are well aware that accounts with bots are not 100% safe. Do you think that even a large group of programmers who allegedly ensures the detection of not booting, no chance of such a large and professional company, which is Metin2? A little imagination ...

Always up to date information!

Dragon Coins SCRIPT is a program that will be updated all the time. Capturing it on this page automatically gain the right to receive the latest updates for free. All you have to do to get the new version, you move to the sub. Information about the new updates will be posted on an ongoing basis.